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Copy Attachment For Wood Lathe
Designed to fit wood lathes B2338 & B2198.
Rigid construction: 1" x 2" rectangular steel bar - 47 1/2" long
1 1/8" round steel bar with rack and pinion longitudinal movement 47 1/2" long
Die cast aluminum template holder with integral centres for templates up to
3 1/2" diameter
Approx. 1" spring loaded cutter movement (lever operated) 1/2" round cutter
3/8" diameter template follower

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  1. B2433 Copy Attachment

    B2433 Copy Attachment 3 John Sherman 11th Apr 2013

    Posted by John Sherman on 11th Apr 2013

    I bought this unit in April, 2013.

    First impressions:
    Shipped via UPS to the US. Box seriously damaged upon delivery. The cutter head had completely went through the box side. Package looked like it had been ran over by a truck. Crushed, scuffed, with several holes. Upon opening the box, the parts were totally shaken out of the very undersized foam packaging, and strewn all over the inside of the box, the cutter head itself had no protection. After a quick inspection, and many pictures of the box, and contents condition, I took it out to the shop to assemble, inspect, and decide if there was shipping damage. The assembly instructions are less than ideal, pictures, no text. If you had never assembled a machine and had no knowledge of machines and their uses, it would have been useless. Assembly went fairly smoothly, only a few times did the pictures not match the part/location exactly. Assembly, inspection, took around two hours.

    Final Setup/Tweaking, use commentary:
    Attachment is supported by a single shouldered bolt on each side. With that, staying online to center is problematic. I plan on making a custom front side under the square bar stabilizer/adjuster to support the cutter side of the unit at the end plates.

    The cutter supplied is half inch HSS, and poorly ground and honed. Before usage, sharpen it. Buy some half inch or 12mm drill rod and make your own cutters/profiles. Take your time in setting the height of the cutter, and the initial depth to axis of your lathe.

    There isn't any information in the "manual" for the width of template/center-line, so plan on taking a lot of measurements before you make a template.

    Given the nature of the attachment, with a few hours of tweaking I was able to get the head to tail stock run-out under .001 of an inch. The carriage doesn't move as freely as I would like, but I haven't dug into that mechanism yet to find out what the drag is. Its is a rack and pinion drive, much better than the cable drive units sold elsewhere.

    The unit is fairly well constructed except for the noted problems, none of which are that annoying, just takes time to modify. As is typical of Pacific Rim machines, the manual and specs are lacking, castings are above average for the source.

    Would I recommend it, not unless the buyer is well experienced with machines, their setup, and has the inspection/tools, to set this up.

    Be prepared for a long weekend to get this up and running, and take your time doing it.

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