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10" Table Saw

This 10" Cast Iron Table Saw features a powerful 1 1/2HP (Totally Enclosed Fan 
Cooled) motor, solid cast iron table and solid cast iron extension wings. The 
unit is fully equipped with a rugged precision rip fence with micro adjustment 
(36" rip capacity) to rip wider material. The up front controls, multi switch 
positioning, tool free blade guard and alignment disc (writeable surface) to 
accurately align your cut with the blade make this table saw a stand out.

Motor - 1.5HP, 110/220V,60Hz,13/6.5 Amps
No Load Speed - 3,450 RPM
Cutting Depth at 90 degree - 3 3/8"
Cutting Depth at 45 degree - 2 1/4"
Rip Capacity - 36" right of the blade, 12" left of the blade
Blade Diameter - 10"
Blade Arbor - 5/8"
Large Blade Raising and Tilting Wheels
Precision Ground Cast-Iron Table
Precision Ground Cast Iron Extension Tables
Precision Aluminum Rip Fence with micro adjustment
Rip Fence Hooks for Storage
`T' Slot Mitre Gauge
Dust Chute - 2.5"
Sturdy Steel Stand
Optional Mount Safety Power Switch
Complete with 40T blade
Carton Dimensions - L 59" x W 30" x H 19"
Net Weight - 120.5 Kg
Shipping Weight - 127 Kg
Made in Taiwan 

2 Year Warranty

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  1. A favourite in the shop

    Posted by Ben on 30th Mar 2016

    This saw has been awesome so far. I have used it for 3 months now and everything about it appears to be great quality, I enjoy the fact I can clamp guides to the table through the holes on the table. You can adjust the fence measure readout to zero where you want it when you change saw kerfs. The cuts have been very true and square, but that all comes with making sure everything is aligned nicely. This is my favourite machine in the shop.

  2. Very Good Saw - Very Good Value

    Posted by katlman on 15th Jan 2015

    Purchased this after extensive research and it is definitely worth purchasing. Lots of power at 110V, fence is awesome! Very heavy therefore very little vibration. Table face is extremely smooth. The directions leave a little to be desired but take your time and ensure every is lined up accurately and you should get a lifetime of use from the saw. The miter gauge is ok, but I replaced it with the Incra 1000 SD which makes a good saw great.

  3. Good solid saw, great value

    Posted by Jonny on 20th May 2014

    After having bought and returned 2 separate ridgid 4512 saws, I was very happy when I got this one. The first ridgid I returned had almost a 1/8" drop across the mitre slots, not flat at all. The second had a broken motor and wouldn't start up. The CT146 I got was much nicer and it was the same price. The table is nice and flat and it runs really smoothly.
    One thing I noticed which was a little strange is that it came with a thin kerf blade but the splitter it comes with is thicker than that. The splitter works fine with a standard kerf blade and I'm surprised they didn't just include one so that everything works together out of the box.
    The manual is not that great, the setup instructions are fine, but it doesn't give any instructions on most of the standard alignments that you might need to make. Luckily, this is essentially the same saw as the Ridgid TS3650, so I downloaded that manual which has a very good set of alignment instructions. In the end, I didn't need it because it was very good out of the box, but it is nice to have for reference.

  4. Great Value

    Posted by Brandan on 23rd Dec 2013

    I've owned this saw for 6 months now and still pleasantly surprised at quality of the machine given the low price point. I have used the Ridgid 4512 and find this saw to be much more to my liking and superior in many ways. Mainly the fence and rail system. It is a one piece front rail with a very smooth sliding fence and firm accurate lock. The cast wings are also a huge plus. The added weight gives the saw a solid feel and is great for supporting larger stock.

    There are a couple down sides with this saw; Like any contractor style saw, dust collection is a bit lacking. I've seen people encase the base and motor in ply and attach a 4" port, which I might try eventually. An over arm boom style collector might also be an option worth exploring. For now a shop vac and a mask is doing me just fine.
    This saw also has a splitter, not a riving knife. not a big deal to me because I switched out to the Micro Jig MJ splitter system which I love, and in some ways find it superior to even a riving knife.

    With the money saved by purchasing this saw I bought a zero clearance insert, Forest WW 2 blade, and Incra miter gauge. Those aftermarket items combined with this saw when finely tuned are achieving very impressive fine woodworking quality cuts. To be honest, I never thought it would be possible to get these types of results with a $500 saw.

    Overall, this saw has easily been the best value of any tool I have ever bought. I am shocked at the fit and finish and accuracy of the product at this price. If you need a table saw under 1k I would highly recommend looking at the CT146.

  5. Best saw for the money.

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Sep 2013

    I bought this saw after trying to decide between it and the Ridgid 4512. Let me tell you, I've used both and the Craftex and it's ten times the saw!! Full cast iron top AND cast iron wings unlike the Ridgid which has metal wings. I am in the process of building a full kitchen's worth of cabinets with this saw and couldn't be happier with the accuracy, reliability and most importantly the price.

  6. excellent saw

    Posted by koolkody on 13th Aug 2013

    very well made and accurate cast iron top is as smooth as glass fence adjusts smoothly and is easy to remove and is dead on accurate easy to read scale very sturdy stand. motor has plenty of power to handle any job I can throw at it, runs smooth no vibrations. at $499.99 this saw is a great price and compared to other saws in the market that I looked at this saw has them beat I have been building furniture ect. for 45 years and overall I am very pleased with the purchase of this saw I would highly recommend this saw

  7. Great saw for the price

    Posted by Josh on 2nd Sep 2012

    This is a great saw. If you take the time when setting it up you will be rewarded with very accurate cuts. I had to grind my arbor washer and nut but after they were truly flat I had less than 0.001" run out on my "Avanti" blade. The fence is sturdy and stable but the marking lines and scale do not line up properly. This does not bother me because I usually work in mm and the scale is only inches. This is my first table saw so I can't compare it to other saws but so far I don't foresee any need to upgrade.

  8. top notch

    Posted by Paul on 3rd Aug 2012

    I bought this saw 4 months ago and could not be happier. I build furniture and this saw has made my life in the shop a whole lot easier. powerful, clean cuts and is very accurate with the fence provided. unless i upgrade in the future i will not need another table saw.

  9. very dependable!

    Posted by Mike on 7th Apr 2012

    Bought this saw 3 months ago and am very happy with it. The 2.5" dust port is a little small for my tastes and it clots up if you have long thin off-cuts fall into it, but i removed the shroud and put a piece of plywood on the bottom with a 4" port right under the blade.

    Only other issue I have is the insert opening is a little big. I was cutting with the blade at 45 degrees to litre an edge. The offcut got trapped between the blade and the insert. The piece shot across the shop like a bullet with a sound like a shotgun. I now use my own 0 clearence insert.

    But despite the above, I love this saw. I doubt you could beat the price and still get this level of quality!

  10. Love it

    Posted by Jimmy Lin on 1st Mar 2012

    Had this saw for just over a year now and I had to write a review. Bang fo ryou buck, this is the best saw you can buy. Every since the granite table tops came out prices have really jumped, but this saw has always remained around the $599 mark which is excellent value. From what I remember, everything was great out of the box and this has truly become my go to saw for just about anything in the shop. Would really recommend this anyone looking at a contractor saw.

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