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22.00 KGS
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Product Description

Milling Vise - KURT Type

This extra tough vise can withstand the most demanding milling operations and
yet retain its accuracy. Heavy durable casting, a swivel base and large chrome
handle make this one great tool for the shop.

Width of jaws: 4"
Jaws Depth: 1-5/16"
Opening: 4-1/2"
Total Height: 5"
Approx. Weight: 18 kg

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  1. Value for money

    Value for money 5 Cornelius Wessels 13th Jun 2017

    Posted by Cornelius Wessels on 13th Jun 2017

    At this price I did not expect much and was pleasantly surprised. Sturdy enough for my purposes even at full extension. Granted this is not a vice you want to use on a high powered CNC machine. I challenge anybody to find a better vice at this price.

  2. Vice UN-USABLE

    Vice UN-USABLE 1 Al Wenig 3rd Apr 2016

    Posted by Al Wenig on 3rd Apr 2016

    Got one new in the box. Removed the vice from the rotary mount, which I did not wish to use. Flipped it over to clean the bottom...the bottom looked like it had been attacked by 12yr old with a grinder...ugly as sin.
    Wiped it off anyway and placed it on the mill table. Noticed right away that it rocked back and forth. WTF?

    Closer inspection revealed a shim behind the movable vice jaw..roughly .030". Jaw piece was not even machined square.

    Boxed it back up and returned it. Told them what was wrong with it...and watched in dis belief as they put it back on the shelf.

    If this is store policy...I will shop elsewhere from now on. Busy Bee Edmonton

  3. hobby shop use on rd column mill drill

    hobby shop use on rd column mill drill 4 howder1951 3rd Oct 2015

    Posted by howder1951 on 3rd Oct 2015

    Good vice for hobbyist, great price despite shortcomings. Removed rotary table, speed wrench unusable. Good weight , reasonably functional. Good match for low priced mill drill, despite bad reviews regarding precision.

  4. poor quality

    poor quality 1 hws 3rd Mar 2014

    Posted by hws on 3rd Mar 2014

    I figured I'd buy the biggest vise that fits my mill which happens to be this one. I really only mill small aluminum things but thought I wouldn't regret going big. Boy was I wrong. The jaws are as much as 1/8" off from each other. I made due by milling steps in the jaws so it was useable. Had to disassemble and grind the wedge section so it would clamp properly too.

    After a year of occasional use milling small aluminum things, I needed to finally use the full capacity of the vise and clamp a big steel part. I broke the rear vise jaw off before the part was even tight! Snapped the casting! And now I'm well outside the warranty period.

    This vise is complete junk and a complete waste of money. I'm pissed someone would actually put this on a shelf and sell it to someon

  5. A good project

    A good project 2 Peter 15th Jan 2014

    Posted by Peter on 15th Jan 2014

    If you make money machining, don't buy this vise, spend more money on a quality vise. If machining is your hobby and your funds are limited, then wait for this vise to go on sale and buy it knowing that it will require some work.
    At the very least you will need to completely disassemble this vise and clean out all the grinding crud, debur where required, break all sharp edges with a fine file, then grease and re-assemble. Only the visible surfaces are ground, so if you have the means and ability you might want to true up the machined surfaces as there is room for improvement. Ideally you should grind the bottom surface.
    Do not use a hammer on the handle to tighten this vise! Something will almost certainly crack.
    A word on swivel bases: I have a couple of decades experience in machine shops and have never seen a Journeyman machinist use the swivel base on a vise. Using one decreases the rigidity of a set up. Just clamp the vise down on the milling table at the angle you need. I wish they would ditch the swivel base and spend more effort on making the vise.

  6. Solid

    Solid 5 Jacob "in the shop" 24th Sep 2013

    Posted by Jacob "in the shop" on 24th Sep 2013

    Placed this order because of the price, hard to find a comparable unit at this price. Truthfully, I was not expecting a very precise vise but I was pleasantly surprised. Overall its well built and I have used it oftenm. Not sure about the other reviews but I am satisited and would recommend.

  7. Looks Like Something Pulled Together From Factory Rejects

    Looks Like Something Pulled Together From Factory Rejects 1 Andy Nagy 13th Dec 2012

    Posted by Andy Nagy on 13th Dec 2012

    My vise arrived and I knew it was not going to be good when the handle already was showing rust. Bottom swivel looks like it is 20 years old. Numbers on top part of swivel are completely worn off. You can't even read them. Front milled block has large chucks missing. Paint is already pealing off without any use. It appears to be a used vise that has seen better days and was probably being thrown out by the factory in China where its lived for the last 20 years. What gives Busy Bee? This is a 22 kg POS. Quite honestly it is so bad, I can't even bother sending it back in case they send it to some other unsuspecting fool.

  8. Good for the price

    Good for the price 5 Eugene M 28th May 2012

    Posted by Eugene M on 28th May 2012

    I read the poor review from the poster below and was wary about the purchase. I had previously checked this vise out when on sale at the store and was debating. I bit the bullet even after the poor review and am glad I did. For the price, this vice is excellent. Sound like the other guy got a real dud or is exaggerating his deficiencies as mine was machined well the tolerances were tight. Its a heavy sucker and has worked well for me.

  9. Not suitable without lots of work

    Not suitable without lots of work 1 Unknown 23rd May 2012

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd May 2012

    This is without a doubt one of the the most poorly machined products I have ever seen. There is barely a square or parallel surface on this vise. The castings are porous, there are unmachined parts very poor fit and finish and without exaggerating you can see the height difference between the moveable jaw and the fixed jaw from 10' away.

    This will require extensive machining to be anywhere near accurate enough for use as milling vise. Perhaps a good drill press vise is more the purpose of this unit.

    The price was OK, and it's heavy enough, but maybe they should just supply the rough castings and hardware and make it a do it yourself kit.

    I would readily pay more to have a vise that has undergone some form quality control. This obviously didn't.