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4" x 6" Metal Cutting Band Saw, 1/3 HP

This unit allows the user to cut pipe, angle iron, shafts, rods, ferrous and 
non-ferrous metals, structural steel and much more. Built of solid cast iron, 
the all ball bearing construction on this model ensures durability.
The mobile stand allows for easy maneuvering and portability.
Large handwheels and knobs add to the ease of operation.
Horizontal/Vertical Positioning.
Includes vertical saw table.


Capacity: At 90 degree 4" x 6" rectangular 4 1/2" round
Speed: 80,120,200 FPM
Gearbox: Sealed worm gear
Motor: 1/3 HP, 110V, 1 phase belt drive, sealed worm gear transmission
Table: 8" x 8 3/4" for vertical use
Ball bearing drive wheels and blade guides
Auto shut off
Blade size 1/2" x .025" x 64 1/2"
Gross weight: 50kg
Carton size: 15" x 13" x 41 1/2"
Made in Taiwan

2 Year Warranty

Extra Blades Available - For more information on these blades, please search 
under the following model numbers.

Model Pitch Gauge
B012012 14 Raker .025"
B01301210R 10 Raker .025"
B013012LT* 14 Raker Industrial .025"
B013012BMB 14 Raker Bi-Metal .025"

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  1. Not good.. Not Terrible.

    Not good.. Not Terrible. 3 Paul Nicolaes 12th Aug 2016

    Posted by Paul Nicolaes on 12th Aug 2016

    This unit is not a quality saw. If you are a hobbyist and will be using this occasionally it is a decent saw (especially for the low price). If you need accurate cuts, or intend to use this a lot this is probably not a good choice.

    Mine was missing a few bolts and it did not come with any assembly instructions. The base for it might as well be thrown in the garbage because it's so cheap and wobbly. But again, if you only need a few cuts per week or don't care about accuracy this is your saw.

  2. Value for money, yes. Precision machine, no.

    Value for money, yes. Precision machine, no. 3 Greg C. 31st Oct 2013

    Posted by Greg C. on 31st Oct 2013

    As a hobbyist this saw provides the means to cut large cross section solid shapes that would not be practical to cut with an abrasive chop saw, such as 3" dia. bar. The saw cuts solid bar and heavy cross section steel with no trouble at a reasonable speed with minimal noise and very little mess compared to a chop saw.
    It is worth every penny of the very low cost.

    Out of the box, the blade did not move perpendicular to the horizontal reference surface. There is no adjustment for this. The blade's plane of movement across the face of a 4" thick cut was out by 1/16 inch. If that is OK for you, then this is likely the best deal in town. It is what I expected from this budget machine.
    Out of square movement in the vertical plane is not an issue for lighter materials that are easy to grind square, but for a 3" x 4" x 1/4 wall square tube, it is very awkward to correct an angled cut for good fit up prior to welding. The error was corrected by lowering the main pivot point on the fixed deck (the one under the motor) by 2 mm, and packing the upper portion of the now oval hole with a nylon filler piece. A few more shims to fine tune the angle of the blade-aligning roller bearing assemblies and the result is spectacular - perpendicular cuts in anything from light to heavy materials. Again, this modification and shimming is not required if the out of box performance meets your needs.

    The saw was very easy to assemble. It is relatively small, very portable, and cuts heavy materials reliably with less mess and noise than a chop saw.

    Overall, a very useful tool for the any shop..

  3. Very good for the price!

    Very good for the price! 5 David 23rd May 2013

    Posted by David on 23rd May 2013

    I am a hobbyist and I recently bought this model. My neighbour, a car mechanic, has the B2214 so I am able to compare the two models. This one is a bit slower than the B2214 as it took 3 minutes to cut a given piece of metal compared to about 2 minutes on the more expensive model. But since you set it up and you let it cut, as long as you don't cut metal 5 hours a day, it's not really a big deal. But for a third of the price!

    Cuts are very clean and accurate. Angle cuts required a little bit more time to set up, but again, unless you do this for a living, it doesn't really matter if it takes an extra minute. Also, I didn't feel the motor wasn't powerful enough. More HP is better, but it worked quite well in thick metal. A bigger motor would mean a faster cut.

    The manual lacked instructions on how to assemble it, but I was able to figure out how to set it up. On the other hand, the instructions are quite detailed on how to adjust and use it.

    Overall, it is a very good machine and I recommend it to anyone!

  4. great little saw

    great little saw 4 33sabrefan 30th Sep 2011

    Posted by 33sabrefan on 30th Sep 2011

    this is the second one in our shop and we put a lot through the first one and its held us nice so far. great deal for the price.