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3-1/4HP Plunge Router - TRITON

Triton's TRA001 features a powerful 3-1/4 HP, soft start electronically
controlled motor that automatically maintains speed under load. The two side
mounted air vents ensure the minimal intake of dust into the motor housing
when mounted upside down in a router. The router is provided with 3-stage
turret with direct reading scales for precise present cut depths and fast
quick pins for fast fitting and removal from its fence and router table. It
only takes seconds to remove the plunge return spring which then allows for
easy lifting and adjustment of the machine when mounted in a router table. One
of the most significant features of this machine is its ability to switch from
conventional plunge router to a fixed based mode router with rack and pinion
height adjustment with a simple turn of a dial. The router is provided with
1/2" collet with 1/4" reducer.


Power: 3-1/4 HP
Speed: 8,000 - 21,000 RPM, speed maintenance under load
Collet: 1/2" and 1/4" reducer
Depth Adjustment: Winder handle rack and pinion, Micro winder &
Conventional "free" plunge
Plunge Range: 0 - 68mm
Bit Changes: Through-base, single wrench action, auto shaft lock
Micro Adjustment: Infinite
Spindle Lock: Auto
Guide: Extended baseplate with adjustable fence
Weight: 6kg

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  1. Spindle Lock Problems

    Spindle Lock Problems 3 Harvey 4th Nov 2014

    Posted by Harvey on 4th Nov 2014

    Router was purchased specifically for my router table as it has an above table height adjustment feature. It did not get heavy use, but everything worked flawlessly until I began having some issues with the automatic spindle locking feature. One day when I attempted to engage the lock something internally broke, cause the router body to fall to its lowest point. Neither the crank nor the height adjustment knob would move the router. I had to manually push the router body to get it to the right height while engaging the body lock.
    Now I have to dismantle the router, as it is out of warranty, figure out which internal part broke and find the part(s). From my reading on the net, some of the critical parts were made of plastic, a major flaw. Hopefully Triton has replaced these with metal parts. Not something that will help me now.

  2. Triton does not live up to expectations

    Triton does not live up to expectations 2 Steve 24th Jan 2014

    Posted by Steve on 24th Jan 2014

    I bought this specifically for use in a router table. I wanted the feature to adjust from above when mounted upside down.
    In the beginning it all worked nicely, but after some use, I was having difficultly raising the router into the lock position to change bits. This got worse over time and I was having to grab the sharp bit in an attempt to pull it up into the lock position. Sometimes, I had to pull it right out of the table mount, just to submit it to lock so I could change the bit. Very unsatisfactory and I was thinking about bringing it back under warranty (now about 6 months old). Then one time While I was wrestling it to lock the bit, it broke the mounting plate right in the router table, and fell to the floor and broke the adjustment knob.
    Although the adjustment from above worked fine, changing the bit became a daunting task and now the router may be ruined.
    I can not recommend this router. Very disappointed and a waste of $300. Too many "gadgets" to go wrong on this one.
    I'll see what Busy Bee says about it, but I don't expect there's anything they can do.