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Sharpening System, Work Sharp

WS3000 sharpening system allows you to sharpen your tools in 3 dry, easy and
quick ways;

You can sharpen your chisels and plane blades up to 2" wide to a 20, 25, 30
and 35 bevel angles without any set up time. It also allows you to sharpen a
perfect 5 degree micro-bevel for even faster re-honing It sharpens carving
tools, lathe tools, scrapers, putty knives and more using a powerful 1/5 HP
motor that produces a high torque maximum speed of 580 RPM. This innovative,
patent pending chisel sharpening port uses a ceramic oxide lapping abrasive to
remove the burr while you sharpen, making sharpening even faster. It is
designed with an active air cooled sharpening port with routed air flow and
sink that sharpen your tools without overhearing or damaging the steel. The
Edge Vision Sharpening method allows you to see the cutting edge of tools
while you sharpen, making sharpening more precise than ever before. WS3000
comes with 2 tempered, 2 sided glass wheels (150 mm) and 1 slotted Edge-Vision
wheel and uses both solid and slotted adhesive backed abrasives so you can
quickly and easily change between coarse and fine grits.

It uses 150 mm premium Norton and Micro-Mesh abrasives in grits of P120, P400,
P1000 and 3600 for a wide grit selection. This allows you to have 4 grits on
your 2 glass wheels (1grit per wheel surface). Work Sharp provides slotted
abrasives in P80, P400 and P1200 grits so you can coarse grind or hone all
using the Edge-Vision method.

It comes with 2 YEARS WARRANTY & an instructional DVD

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  1. Very efficient way to sharpen a variety of tools.

    Very efficient way to sharpen a variety of tools. 5 Mark B 13th Dec 2016

    Posted by Mark B on 13th Dec 2016

    I have a lot of chisels and planes of various sizes, shapes and uses. I would delay sharpening them with either a wet stone system or a diamond plate system which of course is not a good idea. I don't like dealing with water or oil when working with wood. I am very pleSed to recommend this sharpening system to anyone who asks about it. Great tools, clean and easy to use. Makes very sharp tools, quickly and easily.

  2. Worth it

    Worth it 5 Greg 1st Nov 2014

    Posted by Greg on 1st Nov 2014

    I had a large number of chisels in really rough shape. It took me forever to do four by hand. With this, I got through another 20 plus my planes in an afternoon, so sharp you can shave with them. I do notice it takes longer on the wide chisels because the wheel is spinning slower toward the inside where the wide chisels extend into. Still WAAY better than sharpening by hand though and everything goes so much better with sharp tools.

  3. I refuse to go back to other sharpening methods

    I refuse to go back to other sharpening methods 5 Drapak 11th Jun 2014

    Posted by Drapak on 11th Jun 2014

    I have used quite a few different methods of sharpening so far. Oilstones, waterstones, and the 'scary sharp' method are all very good. But if you have a medium to large collection of tools, time is certainly a factor, and this machine provides the best balance of time to quality. I love being able to batch sharpen 30 chisels in 30 minutes through the different grades of grit. (These are mostly smaller chisels mind you.) Although the initial investment seems like a lot at first, it isn't really much more than a good set of diamond and waterstones, plus a sharpening jig. And using the Worksharp 3000 is much faster so you can get back to making things.