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5" Metal Band Saw with Swivel Head - Craftex CX-Series

The CX116 swivel head metal band saw has the features and specs to make this a mainstay in any small to medium sized shop. It is equipped with a rigid vise to hold the work-piece firmly and the hydraulic down feed control ensures smooth operation and sweet cutting result. The band saw features 2 heavy duty wheels on the base which makes it very easy to move the band saw from one position to another. Other features are adjustable blade guides, work stop, large adjustment knobs and heavy duty cast iron base.

Like all CX-Series machines, this unit features powder coated paint, sharp looking two tone colours and a 3 year warranty.


Motor: 3/4 HP, 120 V, Single Phase, 60 Hz
Amps: 7.8 Amps
Speed: 1700 R/min
Blade Speeds: 24 / 35 / 61 m/min
Blade Length: 64-1/2"
Head Swivel: 45° - 60°
Angle Cuts: 45° - 60°
Vise Jaw Depth: 6-1/4"
Vise Jaw Height: 2-1/2"
Max. Capacity @ 90°: 5"
Max. Capacity @ 45°: 3-3/4"
Max. Capacity @ 60°: 2"
Hydraulic Down Feed with Auto Shut Off: Yes
2 Wheels and a Carrying Handle for Mobility: Yes

Comes in two boxes

1st Box: 26" Length x 18" Width x 8" Height

2nd Box: 37.5" Length x 17.5" Width x 21.5" Height
Approximate Weight: 174 lbs (79 kg)

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  1. Gets the job done

    Gets the job done 3 Ryan 7th Dec 2016

    Posted by Ryan on 7th Dec 2016

    I purchased this to cut mostly hot-rolled steel tubing between 1/16 to 1/8
    wall thickness. There are a few issues with this unit.

    First, on my saw, I was not able to square the clamp to the blade because
    there was not enough adjustment. I had to drill out the bolt holes in the
    clamp to make it square.

    Second the motor has a belt that connects to a pulley wheel so you can
    adjust the speed of the blade. That pulley wheel is not round on my saw and
    therefore, there is quite a lot of vibration when it's running. It hasn't
    caused me any issues yet, but typically vibration is bad long term. The
    wheels that hold the blade are also not round which cause even more
    vibration. It's really annoying that they didn't machine something that is

    Lastly the sliding part of the clamp that holds your piece slightly lifts up
    when you tighten it. That lift changes the orientation of your piece,
    causing your cuts not to be square if you are mitering. If you don't care
    about really good fitups then this might work fine.

    Messing with the blade guides is a hassle so I pretty much just leave them
    alone, even when changing blades. Blade changes are OK (5 min), but you
    have to unscrew about 8 screws that hold the protective cover over the blade
    and then a few more screws that hold the blade guards on. I struggle with
    blade tension because there is no indication of how tight to make the blade
    in the manual or anywhere else. I just try to guess how tight the original
    blade was and match to that. I broke one blade by over-tightening it.

    The mitering ability is very handy and I use it constantly. When mitering
    the squareness issue is really amplified with the fitup. I bought a really
    good blade (Lenox 10/14 TPI) and it cuts incredibly well and has lots of
    power. I like the automatic feed system. You have to be a magician to make
    the auto shutoff work properly though. There is about a 1/64 range of error
    between it working and not working (It's a little screw that comes down and
    touches a very sensitive button to shut it off after it comes down all the
    way). I have it working but if the wind blows the wrong way it will need
    adjustment again (the issue is that it either shuts off before the cut is
    done, or doesn't shut off at all)

    All in all this thing cuts very well but there are quality issues as I've
    mentioned. If you don't mind some squareness issues and vibration and just
    need to rough cut a whole bunch of steel this thing works pretty well. I
    was a bit disappointed by I guess $700 is not that expensive for a 5" metal