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Exclusive to Busy Bee Tools, this new spiral cutterhead, with carbide inserts, is designed to fit the DW735 Dewalt Planer. This cutterhead is designed tested and manufactured in the same factory in Taiwan that makes the DW735 Planer so you can feel confident not only in an exact fit, but also in the precision high quality design. With the CX735SPIRAL Cutterhead and the staggered insert design you won't have to worry about replacing your knives when they get chipped as you simply just rotate the insert by 90° to expose a new sharp edge. Every insert is marked with and indicator in one corner allowing you to keep track of how many times that insert has been rotated. Your CX735SPIRAL cutterhead will significantly lessen the noise from your thickness planer during operation as you are no longer having the entire length of the cutterhaed making a single cut, you now have multiple stepped cuts made across the length of the cutterhaed decreasing the noise produced and providing a much smother cleaner finish then your conventional straight knives.

Significantly quieter cuts
Significantly reduces tearout
2.5 mm carbide Inserts
Replace only damaged inserts by rotating 90°
Inserts overlap row to row
Includes 5 pc extra insert pack & T Wrench

Cutterhead Length: 13"
Number of Carbide inserts: 30
Size: 15mm x 15mm x 2.5T


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8 Reviews

  • 5
    Excellent upgrade, lousy instructions

    Posted by Kevin on 6th Dec 2021

    The finished result is excellent. Cuts cleanly, runs quieter, leaves a good finish. After the first 100 board feet of 4/4 stock, it's exactly the same as it was brand new, usually the HSS blades would have small nicks by now. Installing it was easy enough but the instructions are simply awful.

  • 4
    Gives beautiful smooth cuts with very little tear out even over knots in black walnut.

    Posted by Rick on 4th Dec 2021

    I would have gien it 5 stars except for the fact you must be very mechanically inclined to install it. I have rebuilt engines but it still took me about 2 hours to install it.

  • 2
    Misalignments, Grooves and Bands

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Nov 2020

    Installation was what I expected, make sure you got snap ring pliers and about 4 hours to properly take your time. Everything about sound and such is accurate. Sadly the cut quality is not what I was expecting in terms of banding, blade alignment etc. The cutting itself is fine, but there is a noticeable amount of banding, ridges and what appears to be 1-2 cutters completely misaligned (they sit a few thou to close or to far away from the barrel) resulting in entire cutter widths of the board being raised or *sunk* which is really heart breaking after spending hours installing this thing. So, buyer beware, the quality of build isn't perfect and the only way you're going to find out is after several hours installing the blades. Honestly really disappointed after so much reading and research only to get this quality.

  • 5
    Works great

    Posted by Michael Cavanaugh on 9th Nov 2020

    Very impressed how quiet this cutter is and how much more power my planer has with it. 2 people can talk when planing now, when before it was hand signals.

  • 5
    Spiral cutterhead works fantastic

    Posted by on 23rd Oct 2020

    The install was quite straightforward thanks to the included video and several others on the net. Shipping it without the bearings attached was a good idea such that you don't need to remove all of the cutters however you must be very careful not to bang that big bearing on too far or you will inhibit the movement. The sound level change is DRAMATIC... one of the main reasons I bought it was to quiet this screamer down a bit. Even without ear defenders on it is not terrible... before I wouldn't dare turn it on unprotected. Quality of cut is excellent. I ran a swirling grain piece of sapele through it and it came out very smooth. Overall highly recommend. Also be sure you have 2 critical tools available. You will need a pair of fine tip needle nose pliers (regular are too big for the bearing snap rings). Secondly be sure you have a set of snap ring pliers that expand when you squeeze them to remove the rings on the chain sprockets. Go for it... it's not difficult and you'll love the results!

  • 5
    Spiral Cutterhead for Dewalt DW735

    Posted by Ed Desmarais on 14th Oct 2020

    The Spiral cutterhead works amazing, it’s not only much quieter it no longer claps of chips the surface of the wood I’m planning. Good clear instructions for installation. Highly recommend this product

  • 5
    Spiral cutter head for DW735 planer

    Posted by John Tucker on 30th Jun 2020

    This is an excellent product. Once installed it produces a surface finish of outstanding smoothness. It cuts (shaves) with ease and the surface is absolutely flat. The manual that accompanies this product is very poor. The pictures, in black and white, are so dark it is hard to see. One step, removing a 24mm nut with a spanned, is impossible; must use a socket wrench. The cutter head will not fit into the planer without removing all the cutter chips, something the manual does not disclose.

  • 4
    Spiral Cutterhead for Dewalt DW735 planner

    Posted by Murray Jamieson on 18th Mar 2020

    Spiral cutterhead was definitely more quiet then the original cutterhead and seemed to do as smooth of a cut. Installing the new cutterhead was a bit of a challenge but if you followed the instructions, took your time and had a decent pair of snap ring pliers it went okay. Bearing removal and installation also required patience. There is a tight tolerance for the Spiral head to fit into position. Ensuring drive belt alignment after installation is very important and this step can be missed during assembly. Measured weight of both cutter heads and both were around 114 ounces but the original was weighed with the bearings mounted. Note: metric bolt M8 x1.25 at least 2 inches long required for removal and installation.

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