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Mini Dust Cyclone Kit B3069 by Blue Tornado... by busybeetools


Mini Dust Cyclone Kit – Craftex Blue Tornado

For use with most common shop vacuums, this mini cyclone tank will eliminate virtually all dust particles from your shop without clogging your shop vac filter. Turn your small shop vac into a power cyclonic system with this complete kit from Craftex Blue Tornado.

The cyclonic effect ensures that 99% of all dust particles get trapped into the tank before it can reach your vacuum filter. The translucent 6 gallon tank allows you to view contents at all times and is mounted onto 4 castors for ease of use.

Designed to fit most common shop vacuums.


Reduces clogging of vacuum filters
Maintains suction efficiency
Comes complete with assortment of hoses and adaptors
Works with most shop vacuum
Inexpensive way to control the dust in your workshop


1 x Tank (6 Gallon)
2 x Reducer
1 x Elbow
2 x Hose
3 x Adaptor
2 x Clamp
3 x Castor
1 x Cyclone Lid

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  1. Works great, expect to buy new hoses

    Works great, expect to buy new hoses 4 Devin C. 10th Aug 2017

    Posted by Devin C. on 10th Aug 2017

    As noted it is top heavy, but that's not the end of the world.

    I personally think it works perfectly for a small shop. If you don't need a full dust collection system this is for you. Hardly anything is making it to my shop vac!

    I would to see them either give a better rating for the size of shop vac needed or stop shipping with hose that compress back together. Anytime i turn my shop vac on it re-compresses the hose, severely limiting the maneuverability and distance accessible.

    Over all for the price point it is fantastic, but I am disappointed that I need to spend more money to replace the hoses.

  2. Does a decent job at a fantastic price

    Does a decent job at a fantastic price 5 Terry 4th Feb 2015

    Posted by Terry on 4th Feb 2015

    At first glance I would give this a 3 star rating due to build quality, but the fact that it actually works pretty well, and includes a bunch of pipe and fittings, all at a great price point point bumps it up to a cautious 5 stars...

    It's built cheaply, it is top heavy, and is certainly not a perfect cyclone as other reviewers have noted, but for $49 on sale boy am I pleased I picked one up. I should mention my 6A shop vac seems a bit much for it - actually re-compressing the hoses it came with due to all the suction - it's probably a better match for a smaller vac. And yes, if you hook it up backwards it doesn't work - check your hoses!

    Compare the cost of this to the cost of individual fittings, and even a single bag/filter replacement, and some reduced wear on your vac and it's a no-brainer as a basic starter kit...

  3. Just Ok

    Just Ok 3 Mastercraftdude 3rd Apr 2014

    Posted by Mastercraftdude on 3rd Apr 2014

    I didn't expect much at this low price and I didn't receive much. Don't know how anyone can say this works 'great' works only 'ok' for me.

    I STILL have to clean my shop-vac filter. It still gets dusty, albeit not as much. I'd say this unit collects maybe 75/80% of the dust. My craftsman 4.5 hp shop vac still gets debris slipping in. This is NOT a perfect cyclone system!
    It's flimsy...very. I had to put a couple of 5lb. weights to keep it from tipping over. It still wants to tip, but less so.
    If you need perfection, buy something else (wish I had), but I'm not certain I would got much better results with something in a similar price range...... I guess you pay or what you get.
    You do get a lot accessories with it, they are not cheap if you buy them separately, so value wise, it's not a total waste.
    Just not as good as I was hoping. *note* .. make SURE you have the shop vac hose hooked up to the correct hole. I did not and couldn't figure out why more debris was getting in the shop vac than the cyclone! ^_^

    This unit is just 'ok'.

  4. Works fine ,watch the static as noted.

    Works fine ,watch the static as noted. 4 KB 18th Feb 2014

    Posted by KB on 18th Feb 2014

    Been using mine with shopvac and an old Beam Centralvac unit i put hepa filters is and it works well , works even better now with a thein separator plate in it made out of 1/4" MDF.
    I added a wire from the bucket to a grounded screw on the central vac to stop the static zapping you and it seems to help,watch yourself if it's been running a while especially.

  5. Works great, holy static shocks!!

    Works great, holy static shocks!! 4 Unknown 23rd May 2013

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd May 2013

    I love this thing it really works great for the sale price but man I got an amazing shock from this thing! I'm currently (no pun int.) sanding my hardwood floors and have this trailing behind me in my Rigid Vac. No 3 pronged plugs anywhere. It's been 10min and my hand is still tingling. All in all a great unit for $45 (sale).

  6. Work great

    Work great 5 Unknown 28th Aug 2012

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Aug 2012

    Works great, in fact better than i thought.
    I have a dust collector but to use this with my CTC shop vac is great.
    Really reduced bag cleanup and for the price, this is a great buy