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12” x 28” Metal Lathe with Digital Read Out - Craftex CX-Series 

This new CX-Series Metal Lathe is has the features a serious turner would be looking for. Features include a powerful 1.5HP motor, a large 1.5” spindle bore digital variable speed readout, gear box transmission, precision bed ways and is built with superior accuracy and tolerances.

Other feature include power cross feed, large bed width for added capacity, right & left thread cutting, precision ground and hardened v-way beds and high end gear box transmission design. Like all CX-Series machines, this unit features powder coated paint, sharp looking two tone colours and a full 3 year warranty. 


Digital Variable Speed 
Power Cross Feed 
T-Slotted Cross Slide 
Adjustable Gibs for Slideways 
Equipped with High End Belt & Control Board 
Gear Box Transmission 
Overall Heavy Duty Construction 
Hardened and ground cast iron bed 
Lubricated slide ways 
Full length Splash Guard 
Full Length Chip Tray 
Easy to use carriage controls 
Four way tool post 
Powder Coated Paint 
3 Year Warranty 


Motor – 1.5-HP, 1.1 KW, 110 V, 12.3 Amp, 4600 r/min 
Distance between centers – 27.5” 
Swing Over Bed – 11.5” 
Swing Over Cross Slide – 6.5” 
Width of Bed – 7” 
Taper of Spindle Bore – MT5 
Spindle Bore – 1.5” 
Number of Speeds – Variable (Digital Variable Speed) 
Range of Spindle Speeds – 50 – 850 RPM and 110 – 1800 RPM 
Range of Longitudinal Feeds – 0.07 – 0.40mm/r 
Range of Cross Feeds – 0.02” to 0.28mm/r 
Number of Imperial Threads - 21 
Range of Inch Threads – 8 – 56 T.P.I 
Number of Metric Threads - 8 
Range of Metric Threads – 0.2 – 3.5mm 
Max. Carriage Travel – 22” 
Max .Compound Slide Travel – 3” 
Max. Cross Slide Travel – 5.5” 
Max. Tailstock Quill Travel – 3” 
Taper of Tailstock Quill – MT3 

Packing Dimensions - 55" X 27.5" X 27" 
Weight – 250 kg (556lbs) 
Approx. Shipping Weight – 285kg (634lbs) 

Standard Equipment 

One Face Plate: 8” 
8-pcs Change Gears 
4-Jaw Chuck: approx 6-1/4” (160 mm)
3-Jaw Chuck: approx 6-1/4” (160 mm)
Steady Rest 
Follow Rest 
External Jaws for 3-Jaw Chuck 
Dead Center: MT3 
Reduce Sleeve (No. 5/3) 
Oil Gun 
Powder Coated Chip Tray 
4-Way Tool Post 
Wrenches (8-10, 12-14, 17-19) 
Hex Wrenches (3, 4, 5, 6, 8) 
3-pcs Chuck Keys 
2-pcs Screw Drivers: Phillip & Slotted 

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  1. Great lathe for the price

    Great lathe for the price 5 Steve 1st Aug 2012

    Posted by Steve on 1st Aug 2012

    I've been running mine for almost a year now and put it through about every task I can think of. It runs great and is tight. I've only noticed 2 small problems, when cutting threads. The first is that the plate with the threads per inch is not always accurate, it took a couple tries before I noticed that sometimes the left and right columns on the plate are reversed. The second is that gear changes are not always straight forward, sometimes the gears are tight enough on their shafts that the rotation unscrews the shaft. In general, I would recommend this machine.

  2. Top notch for a foreign (ChiCom) lathe

    Top notch for a foreign (ChiCom) lathe 5 Dave J 3rd Mar 2012

    Posted by Dave J on 3rd Mar 2012

    I bought my CX701 a couple of weeks ago and so far haven't had a great deal of time to play with it, but here are my initial impressions:
    While uncrating it, I noticed a small fuse holder and fuse in the bottom of the crate. Odd, I thought, until I noticed it was the same type used on the lathe. I figured they must have given me a spare and also noticed a pill-bottle sized metal can in the crate that I assumed must be either touch-up paint or they just tossed the garbage in the crate when they finished. Still not sure about the can, but after uncrating and carefully crane/slinging the lathe onto it's new stand, I got it ready to plug in and test. That was when I discovered it was completely DEAD! No power, nothing, despite everything I tried. That's when I thought back to the little fuse and noticed the small black hole next to the on/off switch. I retrieved the fuse and that's when I discovered it wasn't a spare but the missing fuse from the hole. "No big deal, just toss it back in and good-to-go." Except, it wasn't just removed, it was actually broken. The outer cap that screws into the lathe's female end was somehow snapped off. These threads are required to keep the fuse inserted and without this 2 cent piece of plastic, the lathe doesn't work. Luckily, I was able to crazy-glue the part back together and the lathe then worked fine. Easy fix, but when you spend $3 grand on a lathe, you don't expect to need crazy glue to make it work. I also noticed that the backspash was bent slightly, however it's thin sheet metal and was easily bent back straight as new (well, almost, but not really noticeable). Other than that, there were no real problems found so far. The metal casting process used on every chinese machine is always mediocre at best- not observable on the visible surfaces, but when you look at the base, you can see the rough surface from the sand-mold. This doesn't affect the operation of the lathe and you have to look to see it. Not really a problem, and when you aren't paying $12,000 for the same lathe, you have to expect these little issues.
    Everything else seems good- the ways are fine, one little nick but not a problem. Handwheels and all controls, including the variable speed work perfectly. I have yet to make anything with this (other than a few pointy metal rods- lol) but so far, I'm pretty happy. In fact, after comparing some nice american made lathes (and the outrageous price) and other lesser chinese-made lathes, this one is pretty amazing for the price. Generally only the Taiwanese made lathes (as opposed to mainland China) are of this quality when talking imports.
    Again, I've yet to get serious with this lathe (and will report back afterward) but initial impressions are very, very good!

  3. Good machine

    Good machine 5 Jones 1st Mar 2012

    Posted by Jones on 1st Mar 2012

    For the price and features, I am quite satisfied so far with this machine. Did not require much tinkering andhas been quite accurate since the first cut. I did have an issue with the crate, where one of the legs had fallen off, but Bil in the warehouse fixed it before it was loaded. I will know more after a few more months of use, but overall I would recommend this to any serious machinist.

  4. Dont't buy it

    Dont't buy it 2 Unknown 29th Feb 2012

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Feb 2012

    I only had it for a week and it quit working, when I called for help with it I was told to test the wiring for voltage, when I did the wiring started to fall out of the terminal blocks, falling out of the wire crimps.
    After all that I still have to take it for service, I wouldn't recomend this unit it might be good after the bugs are worked out.

  5. Excellent machine

    Excellent machine 5 They call me Moyer 13th Dec 2011

    Posted by They call me Moyer on 13th Dec 2011

    This is an excellent that has performed above my expectations so far. While I am using this primarily for hobby work, I have put a considerable amount of time on this machine and the tolerances are tight. I also purchased the stand which is a good addition. So far I am pleased and would recommend this lathe to someone who is looking for a serious machine above the hobby level.

  6. misleading info

    misleading info 3 Unknown 3rd Dec 2011

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Dec 2011

    It's termed a 12x28 lathe, however even going by the published 11.5" swing and 27.5" between centers, it is an 11x27 lathe. To be considered if you're comparing lathes of similar size.

    Please ignore the 3 star rating I gave it; I had to choose one of the options to post this.