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Mill / Drill with Digital Readout  Craftex CX-Series

Having most of the features found on larger machines, the CX601 Mill/Drill is a fine addition to your shop. The 33-1/16 x 8-1/4 table provides a large work space and the T-slots allow clamping the work-piece for an accurate and safe operation. The spindle speed on the CX601 can be set between High & Low ranges and controlled using the variable speed knob. The speed is displayed on the spindle speed RPM digital readout which allows controlling the spindle speed required for the specific job. The CX601 features an R8 spindle taper which allows using R8 collects and the mill head is designed to be tilted +/- 45-degree, enabling it to perform task such as angle drilling or horizontal slotting. The control panel is equipped with On/Off button, speed control knob, spindle RPM digital readout, forward/reverse switch and an emergency button which allows shutting off the machine immediately for safety when running. The chip guard is one of the main safety features of this machine. The machine does not start until the chip guard is in its position, guarding the spindle.

Other features of the CX601 are; gear head with powerful torque, precision manual and fine down-feed, positive locks for table, head and quill, easy reading scale and a digital spindle height gauge.

The CX601 comes with a drill chuck, a digital spindle height gauge, a drawbar, an R8 arbor, an oil bottle, six Allen keys, a slotted, and a Philips screw drivers, a user manual and a tool box.

The CX601 features an Optional Stand, model number CX601ST that can be bought separately. The CX601 features four mounting holes on its base which allows mounting the machine onto the stand.


Motor: 1.5HP , 110-V, Single Phase
Drilling Capacity: 32mm (1.25 )
End Mill Capacity: 20mm (0.78 )
Face Mill Capacity: 76mm (3 )
Spindle Taper: R8
Spindle Stroke: 70mm (2.7 )
Head Tilt: 45-degree to the Right & 45-degree to the Left
Number of Spindle Speeds: Variable
Range of Spindle Speeds: 50  2250 RPM
Working Surface of Table: 840mm x 210mm (33 x 8.2 )
Table Longitudinal Travel: 425mm (16.7 )
Table Cross Travel: 220mm (8.6 )
Number of T-Slots: 3
T-Slot Size: 10mm (0.39 )
Overall Dimensions: 850mm x 890mm x 1120mm (33.4 x 35 x 44 )
Net Weight (approx): 240 Kg, 529 lbs
Shipping Weight (approx): 280 Kg, 617 lbs
Warranty 3-Years

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  1. Good machine for the money

    Good machine for the money 4 Jamin S 13th Mar 2013

    Posted by Jamin S on 13th Mar 2013

    Let's just say for the price under 3000 dollars, this is your best option. No, it is not as accurate as a thousand-kilo Bridgeport; No, you will not be able to cut stainless steel with 0.0005 tolerance. But if you want a good, compact machine (that you can also get down into your basement) for light to medium duty work on aluminum or even mild steels, this little beast is going to do the job. Few things to keep in mind though

    The machine is not a turn-key solution. It needs a lot of adjustment; you will need time to get used to it.
    The motor has enough power but the RPMs are low; mine does not even get to the full 2250.
    The vertical readout is not accurate. get a decent vernier and install it on the column. It is much better to adjust the height on the main column (unless you do drilling) and keep the quill all the way in - it will not deflect as much.
    For precision work, DRO is a must. Every time you lock the table, it slightly shifts; you will not notice the shift unless you have an accurate readout.
    If you buy this machine, check the table flatness; for some reason mine has a 0.001 elevation on one end . Not a super big deal though...

    Overall, the machine is worth it. It just needs a few hundreds dollars and a few nights of work.

  2. Good machine for the price

    Good machine for the price 5 Steve B 10th Mar 2013

    Posted by Steve B on 10th Mar 2013

    I've been using mine for about 2 years now. For the price, it is a great machine. I worn out several bits already and only had a few small problems. The biggest problem is that the spindle speed isn't as constant as I would like on a digital control, it tends to hunt a little and speed up when under load (up to 50 rpm). The digital depth gauge isn't as accurate as a person would think, but not a problem since I tend to use the vernier readouts anyways. In general, if you are using it for hobby work, or on a budget, this one is worth looking at.

  3. Good, but not made for anything over light duty or precision.

    Good, but not made for anything over light duty or precision. 3 Chris Burchett 9th Oct 2012

    Posted by Chris Burchett on 9th Oct 2012

    The machine performs well for light duty Aluminum and Steel milling, however consider something with a little more of a backbone if you need precision, this machine tends to drift slightly on straight cuts even with the head locked down. Runs well for short periods, 5 hours on straight and it get extremely warm, had to add extra cooling. CNC conversion kits are available online, however some modification to the mounting table is required for the motors and limit switches.

    Overall, a good machine but underpowered for what I needed personally. Definitely worth getting the digital readouts for the XY table.

  4. Very accurate

    Very accurate 5 s.k.l 16th Nov 2011

    Posted by s.k.l on 16th Nov 2011

    HAvent had this long put wanted to post a review. So far this is an excellent machine for the price and I am happy with almost everything. There was a small portion on the backside that had some surface rust but it came off easily. The manual isnt 100% accurate, but the unit itself is built to spec.
    Good job on this machine busy bee!

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