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This Master Set contains 70 pieces of our most popular router bit profiles. Housed together in a wooden case, you'll be able to tackle any project with this large arsenal of router bits at your fingertips.
All bits feature 1/4" shank
Set includes one piece each of the following router bits:

7/32" x 1/2" Straight Bit
1/4" x 13/16" Straight Bit
5/16" x 1" Straight Bit
3/8" x 1" Straight Bit
7/16" x 1" Straight Bit
31/64" x 1 Straight Bit
1/2" x 25/32" Straight Bit
23/32" x 1" Straight Bit
3/4" x 1" Straight Bit
1" x 1" Straight Bit
1/2" x 1/2" Hinge Mortise Bit
5/8" x 25/32" Hinge Mortise Bit
3/8" x 1" Flush Trim Bit
1/2" x 1" Flush Trim Bit
3/4" x R 1/4" Ovolo Bit
1/4" x 7.5" Dovetail Bit
3/8" x 8" Dovetail Bit
1/2" x 14" Dovetail Bit
5/8" x 7" Dovetail Bit
5/8" x 14" Dovetail Bit
3/4" x 14" Dovetail Bit
3/8" x 90-degree V-Groove Bit
1/2" x 90-degree V-Groove Bit
5/8" x 90-degree V-Groove Bit
3/4" x 90-degree V-Groove Bit
1/2" x 60-degree V-Groove Bit
3/4" x R5/32" Classical Bit
7/8" x R1/8" Edge Beading Bit
1" x R3/16" Edge Beading Bit
3/8" x 3/16" Keyhole Bit
1/2" x 1/4" Keyhole Bit
11/16" x 15" Bevel Trim Bit
79/128" x 8" Bevel Trim Bit
3/8" x 1" Panel Pilot Bit
1" x 60-degree Lettering Bit
1/2" xR1/4" Beading Bit
5/8" x 1" Flush & V-Groove Bit
2" x 1/8" Slot Cutter Bit
2" x 1/4" Slot Cutter Bit
1-1/8" x R5/32" Roman Ogee Bit
1-1/2" x R1/4" Roman Ogee Bit
1-1/8" x R5/32" Double Beading Bit
1-1/4" x R3/16" Classical Bit
1-1/8" x R1/8" Classical W/B Bit
1-3/8" x R3/16" Ogee W/Fillet Bit
3/4" x R1/8" Roundover Bit
7/8" x R3/16" Roundover Bit
1" x R1/4" Roundover Bit
1-1/8" x R5/16" Roundover Bit
1-1/4" x R3/8" Roundover Bit
1-1/2" x R1/2" Roundover Bit
3/4" x R1/8" Cove Bit
7/8" x R3/16" Cove Bit
1" x R1/4" Cove Bit
1-1/8" x R5/16" Cove Bit
1-1/4" x R3/8" Cove Bit
1-1/2" x R1/2" Cove Bit
7/8" x R1/8" Triple Beading Bit
1" x 15/32" Straight Bit
1-1/2" x R1/4" Classical Ogee Bit
1-9/16" x 30" Chamfer Bit
1-7/32" x 22.5" Chamfer Bit
1" x 15" Chamfer Bit
1-1/2" x 45-degree Chamfer Bit
1-1/2" x A1/2" Rabbeting Bit
1/4" x R1/8" Core Box Bit
3/8" x R3/16" Core Box Bit
1/2" x R1/4" Core Box Bit
3/4" x R3/8" Core Box Bit
3/4" x R1/4" Bowl & Tray Bit

Craftex Blue Tornado bits are CNC machined to have perfect balance and leave a smooth finish. All bits are manufactured from 4140 & 5140 steel and are put through a special heat treatment process to ensure proper hardness and tensile strength to prevent bending or breaking. Tungsten micro-grain C3 carbide gives the cutter long-lasting strength that can be sharpened many times over.

Craftex Blue Tornado bits have an anti-kickback design along with a non-stick coating for easy pitch removal. Finished with an automotive semi-transparent finish, to give a long-lasting shine.
All Craftex Blue Tornado router bits and shaper cutters are backed by a limited, life-time warranty.

STRAIGHT BITS: General purpose for cutting dados and rabbets or any application
that requires a straight edge.
MORTISING BITS: Excellent mortising bit, useful in cutting door hinge mortises,
maximum material removal has deep centre gullet.
FLUSH TRIM BITS: Great for cutting fast smooth and accurate trimming of
template work or laminates. The use of two flutes makes for fast cutting.
OVOLO BITS: Great for making beadwork, veins and edgework.
It creates a beading groove with a wide bottom.
DOVETAIL BITS: Use this bit for intricate dovetail joints, jewelry boxes,
glue joints for drawers, shadow boxes and shaker furniture.
V-GROOVE BITS: A bit with multiple uses for chamfering, signs,
lettering and V grooves.
CLASSICAL BITS: Very versatile bit creates decorative moldings on furniture and
building applications.
EDGE CUTTING BITS: This bit gives ultra smooth finishes &
a professional appearance.
KEYHOLE BITS: Mount your pictures and paintings flush against the wall with
this handy bit. The perfect bit for creating slots for nails or screw heads
when hanging pictures and shelves.
BEVEL EDGING BITS: Create an ultra smooth bevel edge finish on any project,
ideal for edge chamfering or trimming laminates and veneers, give your work
that professional look.
PANEL PILOT BITS: To rout out openings for electrical boxes and vents in floors
ceilings and walls. With the drill through point this bit is self-starting,
and the pilot
acts as a guide for template work.
BEADING BITS: Produce attractive bead profile to furniture and millwork, not
to mention the precise tool geometry on this bit will give you chatter free and
extra smooth
SLOT CUTTING BITS: Fast cutting and strong this slot cutter is ideal for
splines and T-moldings. This bit can also be used for rabbeting.
ROUND OVER BITS: Produce professional bead profile on furniture or millwork.
Extra smooth cutting and requires little or no sanding at all.
COVE BITS: Create Beautiful edge profiles with the top mounted bearing to allow
template work.
CHAMFER BITS: Perfect for laminate trim work. For gently beveled edge to make
perfectly aligned multi-sided containers, boxes and other decorative work in
a variety of materials.
RABBETING BITS: Used to inset panels in wood frames, picture frames and
CORE BOX BITS: Smooth cutting bit for lettering and sign work, with top
bearing guide.
BOWL & TRAY BITS: This is a handy bit to produce trays, raised letter signs
with flat bottom areas and raised corners.

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1 Review

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    So far they work well.

    Posted by Doug on 23rd Jul 2023

    Very nice collection.

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